Pula, Croatia

Pula, Croatia: Destination #4

As the largest city along the Istrian Pennisula, Pula offers incredible views of 1st century Roman ruins including an amphitheater that overlooks a natural harbor of the Adriatic Sea.

Pula Arena

When we got out of the car in the shadows of the Pula Arena, it was breathtaking.

We were SO LUCKY to find the world’s tiniest parking spot directly next to the Colosseum, but I can see how parking could be quite difficult in this bustling town.

Our rental “Best View Pula” defintiely lived up to it’s name— The views from this balcony and bedroom were AMAZING (and quite possibly the best in all of Pula!)

View from our rooftop balcony

*Fun fact: The Pula Arena was constructed in 27 BC- 68 AD (!!) and is among the world’s six surviving Roman arenas. It is also the only remaining ampitheatre to have 4 side towers with all 3 architectural orders entirely preserved.

The balcony was GIANT (with plenty of room to get some sun with privacy), and the ringing bells from the Sveti Antun church was music to my ears.

Balcony views of Pula Arena + Sveti Antun Church

Link to Apartment ‘Best View’ Pula:


As a bonus, our rental in Pula also came with a washing machine (yes, this is a hot commodity), so we turned our Pula day into LAUNDRY DAY and took advantage of the spacious rooftop patio!

Laundry day- Pula, Croatia

*Travel tip: When living out of a backpack for multiple weeks, it is helpful to strategically book a rental place with a washing machine to refreshen and recycle your wardrobe. Places with access to a dryer get extra bonus points!

While our laundry was drying, we walked all over Pula along the harbor, through the Arch of Sergii, and enjoyed a charcuterie board outside the Temple of Augustus.

Arch of Sergii – Pula, Croatia

The Arch of Sergii, one of Pula’s older ruins, was constructed in 29-27 BC. Walking under the same arch that millions of others have walked though for over 2000 years is an incredible experience!

After a delicious outdoor dinner at Hook & Cook, we headed back to our rental to catch the sunset from the balcony and enjoy our wine with THIS view…

Pula, Croatia 🇭🇷

This Croatian sunset overlooking the Pula Arena and harbor was INCREDIBLE. 😍

Balcony views Pula, Croatia


The next morning in Pula started off by waking up to the Sveti Antun church bells and this view FROM BED:

Sveti Antun Church views FROM BED of Apartment ‘Best View Pula’

Before leaving town, we headed for coffee at Caffe Bar ‘Lipa’ next to our parking spot adjacent to the Pula Arena.

Jeff at Cafe ‘Lipa’ Cafe- Pula, Croatia

This coffee view was particularly refreshing ☕️

Very glad we stopped in Pula, Croatia and I would recommend a 1 night stay or day trip from Rovinj!

Next stop –> Destination #5: Plitvice National Park

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