Trogir, Croatia

Trogir, Croatia: Destination #7

After leaving Zadar, we decided to continue our road trip 1.5 hours down the Dalmatian Coast to Trogir for a quick stop on the way to Split.

Trogir is located only 17 miles away from Split, so it is a definite must-visit if you are in the area!

Zadar –> Trogir –> Split

Trogir’s historic city center and Kamerlengo Fortress have been included as UNESCO World Heritage Sites since 1997, so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see this beautiful old town with our own eyes.

Trogir, Croatia 🇭🇷

We headed straight to Kamerlengo — a castle and fortress built by the Republic of Venice in mid 15th century as part of an expansion of the Veriga Tower built on the site in the 14th century.

St. Mark’s Tower in the north end of the fortress was built shortly after and its roof once was armed with guns to fight invaders.

Fortress Kamerlengo – Trogir, Croatia

It’s pretty breathtaking to walk up to this magnificent fortified castle next to the sea, with airplanes flying super close overhead to land at the Split airport!

Kamerlengo Castle

Being able to explore and hike the ancient walls of this incredible fortress while overlooking the Adriatic Sea was definitely a special moment!

Kamerlengo Castle

Of course, we headed straight to the top 😉

Top of Fortress Kamerlengo
Views of Trogir, Croatia from top of Fortress Kamerlengo

Short list of the amazing sites to see in Trogir include:

  • Fortress Kamerlengo (15th century)
  • City Gate (17th century) and city walls (15th century)
  • The Duke’s Palace (13th century)
  • Cippiko Palace (15th century)
  • Cathedral of St. Lawerence (13th century)
  • Historical city core, with about 10 church’s and numerous buildings (13th century)

We enjoyed soaking up more beautiful views of the Trogir Riva waterfront and getting lost in the winding city streets.

Trogir Riva stroll

With a labrynth of narrow cobblestone streets enclosed by ancient buildings and palaces, Trogir is full of architectural treasures.

Our next pit stop was at the gelato store! I was on a lemon gelato kick on this trip and this one was no exception 🍋

So glad that we made a pit stop in Trogir, Croatia!

Next stop —> Split, Croatia 🇭🇷

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